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Backerjack focuses on covering the world of crowdfunded product innovation. Backerjack generally considers a crowdfunded product to be one where backers can receive the product as a reward for backing or as part of a pre-order. On this podcast, veteran industry analyst and Backerjack founder Ross Rubin (@rossrubin) and longtime tech blogger Steve Sande (@stevensande) give their take on campaigns that can either define the evolution of tech or become footnotes to history.
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Feb 27, 2015

Episode 8 of the Backerjack Podcast is a bit different, as we’re taking a close look at what may well become the biggest crowdfunded project ever — the Pebble Time smartwatch. Join hosts Ross Rubin and Steve Sande for a half hour discussion of the newly-redesigned watch, the new UI, how it may fare in competition with the Apple Watch, and more.

As of publication time, Pebble Time had more than 51,300 backers for a total of almost $11,250,000. That's with 28 days left to go in the campaign, so it's almost assured of taking over the crowdfunding crown from the Coolest Cooler at $13,285,000. 

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Feb 23, 2015

It's time for Episode 7 of the Backerjack Podcast. This week, Ross and Steve take on three projects:

  • It's an LED light bulb, it's a pico projector, it's Beam. Insert it into a standard light socket and then beam your content just about anywhere.
  • How about smart kitchen containers that weigh just how much of a food item is stored inside, then calculate calories consumed and tell you when to buy more? The Neo Smart Jar is on the way via Indiegogo.
  • Pigeon is a new take on a rather old category, the connected picture frame. Will it make it to market, or get taken out by a peregrine falcon? 

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Feb 16, 2015

We apologize for the late posting of the podcast again this week; Steve's new venture, Apple World Today, launched on February 9 so he's been scrambling to get everything done. But he and Ross did manage to squeeze in the time for a recording session and talked about four campaigns in Episode 6 of The Backerjack Podcast.This week's discussion includes:

  • A new device, CarVi, that provides some rather high-tech driving assistance in a small, windshield-mounted and connected device.
  • Those who love the subtle glow of garden lights at night will love the solar-powered, color LED PLAYBULB.
  • A relatively unexciting wearable with nebulous goals called The One.
  • The fun (or scary) coaching robotic head with glowing teeth that teaches your kids how to brush their teeth - it's BrushyBall.

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Feb 4, 2015

Welcome to the Backerjack podcast, where each week industry analyst Ross Rubin and tech blogger Steve Sande bring you a sampling of crowdfunded projects from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and beyond. 

TUAW has been shut down by AOL, so Steve invites you to get your Apple-related news and reviews from a new source starting on February 9: Apple World Today

This week, we picked three campaigns and a pre-order project to discuss:

  • Bluewire: Imagine a Bluetooth headset that can record your calls, act as a motion-sensing alarm system, and more... 
  • Luna: The Internet of Things enters the bedroom with Luna, a bedsheet set that can trigger other devices, provide just the right amount of warmth on both sides of the bed, and let you know just how well you're sleeping.
  • Prynt: Slap this case onto your iPhone, and you can print your own instant photos. It's a little bit retro and a lot of impressive technology.

Ross and Steve also spend a few minutes discussing the new Narrative Clip 2, a vastly improved version of the wearable lifelogging camera that now comes with a better lens, higher resolution, and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Retailers, manufacturers and investors seeking the next category, product or feature should take a look at Backerjack's new Product Innovation Pipeline Reports (PIPR), which track the most innovative products in a number of categories. 

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